or the ●work he had to do.Prolonged re●sistance only increased the morale of the mutine●ers, and gave them confidence.It is possib▓le, therefore, that though the en●emy fought throughout with the de▓speration of despair, an assault mig▓ht have been successful, and the moral effec▓t of victory at this juncture more▓ than valuable.On the other hand, defeat ●would have been disastrous, and ●in Delhi were coll

ected the largest, best organi▓sed, and most complete army th▓e insurgents possessed.So t▓he attack partook of the nature of● a siege, without a complete investment o●f the fortress.The enemy were vigorous, and▓ made frequent sorties, once even making an●306 attack on the rear of the ●camp by a wide detour.On this day, t▓he anniversary of Plassy, the f▓ighting lasted for fifteen h▓ours.The heat was terrifi

c; the men were exh▓austed by long marches, little food, and inc●essant fighting.The generalship was ▓of no high order.Neither Ba▓rnard nor Reid, his second in comm●and, were equal to the occasi▓on.In June the total force of E●uropeans numbered but 3000, with▓ three battalions of Sikhs, Guides,● and Ghoorkas, comparatively new▓ levies. Throughout all India, even th▓ose parts not then affected by the sto

rm, panic ▓began to spread.Calcutta was in terror, ●though the 37th and 53rd were there,▓ and the Sepoys at Barrackpore had been ▓disarmed.Elsewhere risings were c●ommon, sometimes suppressed by the br▓avery of a few; in other and more nu●merous cases, resulting in the death, wi▓th or without torture, of the▓ mass of the European residents. T▓hus the siege of Delhi drew to a conclusion, an●d the illness



of the two leaders left Gene●ral Wilson in c

harge of the operation.He was re●inforced by

Nicholson with 1000 Europ●eans and 1500 Sikhs

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